Mindfulness in Daily Liife

Mindfulness is like a mirror, it reflects what is before it, what is happening in exactly the way it is, without any judgment or bias.  Mindfulness is non-judgmental observation, observation without criticism, an ability to see things without preconceived ideas.  Whatever we experience, when we are mindful, we accept and bring awareness to, without pride or shame or anything personal.

adapted from Bhante Gunaratna Mindfulness in Plain English

benefits of mindfulness

  • calms the body
  • opens the heart
  • reduces stress

Psychological and medical benefits are present when we practice mindfulness.

Studies have proven that mindfulness:

  • boosts the immune system
  • improves memory
  • lowers blood pressure and
  • gives an overall feeling of well-being

When we are mindful, we are awake to life.